Core Values

Infrastructure -

Our infrastructure plans include making sure our roads are suitable for our citizens to commute safely. This means filling in potholes, keeping grass neatly mowed and manicured along our highways. Our crosswalks should also be visible for drivers and pedestrians alike.

Constitutional Rights -

Protection and liberties guaranteed to the people not by man.

Medical Freedom -

Medical care is not a political issue and should be readily available to everyone as a human right. It should be secured for all by the law. The community should also have a right to choose the type of insurance that is most beneficial for them (HMO vs. PPO).

Transitional Homes for Veterans -

Our veterans have sacrificed their lives for our safety and the security of our nation. They should not be permitted to return to our country with the possibility of being homeless after returning to life as a civilian.

Mental Health Awareness -

It is time to end the negative stigmas in this country regarding mental health. Mental illnesses are medical conditions and should be treated as such. Everyone has the right to mental wellness and rehabilitation.

Schools Security -

Our communities need to be safe, not just behind the gates of our neighborhoods, but also in our common areas. We should not have to live in fear as we live our day to day lives. We will fight to work with law enforcement, community leaders, and make reforms to reduce crime in our district.

Education -

Educators deserve better wages, but they also need to be ensured of their safety. Their focus should be on educating our children and they should not have to feel anxiety about coming to work. We should also be mindful of the educational guidelines required of educators. For example, can they pass the standardized tests they are administering to our children?

Senior Citizens -

Nursing homes should be held accountable for properly caring for our elderly and medically needy persons. We must improve the guidelines for nursing homes' standard duty of care. Those who elect to take care of elderly loved ones instead of putting them in a long term care facility should be able to find support within our government and community.

Small business -

We must consider a sliding scale on wages for small and start up businesses as not everyone may be able to afford paying 15.00 an hour per every employee.